Where do we meet to collect our car?

Our Akaroa team will meet you on the wharf when you arrive. If you pre-book they will have your name on a whiteboard. It can be quite overwhelming when you arrive as there are many tour companies trying to sell their services. We are the only car hire company.

Do you offer GPS in the cars?

Yes, each vehicle in our fleet has its own GPS machine. We offer this for free for our clients.

Do you have an office in Akaroa

Short answer is no. We only operate on days that cruise ships are in Akaroa. We also only have four vehicles in our fleet. To ensure the cost of the rental car is no more then it needs to be, we can do everything we need to on the wharf when you arrive. Depending on the time you have to be back on the cruise ship our Akaroa team will discuss a time to meet you back at the same place you picked the car up from.

Are there any other car companies in Akaroa we can hire from?

Our understanding that we are the best and only option available. Our cars have been carefully selected to offer you a bit of luxury whilst exploring where ever your heart desires.

Are there any extra costs involved when hiring from Outclass?

As all other rental companies, we require the car to be refuelled before returning this to us. There is a petrol station in Akaroa where you can do this just before returning the vehicle. 

Hire includes 250km free – additional km charged at NZ$0.50/km. Most people who hire from us do not go over this. 

We will do a pre-authorisation of $250.00 on your card. This does not remove funds from your account but does have it on hold. It is important to know that you are responsible for any damage to the car while it is in your possession. A transaction will need to be made upon your return if there is damage to the car that requires repair. 

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